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Thanks for joining me! I want to use this platform to share my outdoors journey, talk trail trash, and be an enthusiastic Hike Leader for Hike Like a Woman – National Capital Region.

I want to use this blog to connect with other people who have a passion for the outdoors. While I speak from my perspective, I want this blog to be about a community, to give back and be welcoming.

I have been fortunate to be chosen as a proud Ambassador for Hike Like A Woman. For me, being an ambassador for #HLAW is to support others and sharing a love for Nature. Hiking Like A Woman mean that I want to build up other women; there is no comparing or competing. I welcome all walks of life, all levels of experience and fitness. As long as we are all here to empower one another, then the more the merrier.

You are most welcome to coddiwomple with me.